Welcome to Art History for the People (AHP for short)! My name is Stephen Zawodzinski, and I am your resident art historian. In my professional work, I tend to gravitate towards subjects related to the following:

Late Medieval Spanish (Christian and Islamic) Art and Architecture • Early Modern Spanish Art and Architecture • Early Modern Italian Art and Architecture • Early Modern Ottoman Art and Architecture • Early Modern Mediterranean (Art) History • Histories of Royal and Aristocratic Women.

This blog will be a combination of all of the above and more – in fact, I am very much hoping for it be far more. My goal is to be true to my blog’s title and bring the history of art and architecture, in all of its historical complexity and beauty, to you, my dear readers. I want to reveal the secrets and intrigues, the rich stories and high-pitched dramas that lay behind, well, art and the people who commissioned, made, and subsequently experienced that art. Art history is so much more than a quick stop-off along the general education ride – it can make you weep for its emotional intensity, it can make you laugh with it in its crude or sarcastic humor, and it can make you change your mind about something – be it religion, politics, or really anything else – you thought you knew.